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Born in Aleppo "Syria in 1967 to architects parents and literature and art oriented family.
Opened in 1993 a handicraft and design shop in Aleppo Syria where I created handmade modern design rugs, patchworks and among others blown glass items.

2003-2007 attended Faculty of Fine Arts at Private University for Arts and Sciences (Aleppo Syria).

2007 Graduated with a bachelor degree in Interior Design.
Studied painting and engraving techniques with the Italian artist Giulia Napoleone.

2007-2008 Worked as assistant of Giulia Napoleone at Aleppo private University,  as Giulia Napoleone teaching drawing and painting techniques.

2008-2009  Taught drawing and painting techniques to second, third and fourth year classes at Aleppo private University as main teacher

2009 Attended a 2 weeks course in engraving techniques in Urbino (Italy) (Corsi Estivi Internazionali Per l’Incisione Artistica) Association Keishiro Arte Urbino with Professor Rossano Guerra.


Settled in Brussels- Belgium since August 2012. 


Created a serie of ink drawings inspired by a book of poetry by Fouad M. Fouad.



Artist Statement


When I see a landscape, I take my time to look… I go on a virtual trip, use my eyes to distinguish the complications of colors, and other senses to feel textures and the thickness and humidity of air layers until the whole scene reveals its structure to me. The actual third dimension fades away to reach another one related to the idea. It is then expressed by layers of transparent colors.

I travel inside… I like to use oil paint because it allows me to deal with the layers of  the scene while forcing me to adapt with its own rhythm. I have to respect intervals of time layers need to dry, and this forces me to question my choices again and again during the waiting time. With every new painting I feel like I grow in understanding things somehow…